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Paula Rabenius
230 pages
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SoulLink Publisher, Sweden
About the author:
Paula Rabenius is a highly respected Swedish channel and author. She has been psychic since childhood and is now committed to facilitate Thoth´s messages in highly appreciated seminars and books. Now (2016) two books are available in English;Messages from Thoth to Humanity and Thoth´s Tools for Humanity.

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"I have come down to Earth to communicate with you for several reasons. One is to be present among people with education about the New Golden Age of Light. Another is to awaken your inner knowledge that has been hidden since the fall of Atlantis. A third is to help people free themselves from the fears, traumas and blockages that prevent them from walking there chosen path.

All this so that people can find love for themselves, open the heart and understand their own greatness before facing the Great Transformation.

Earlier in the centuries very complex explanations of the great esoteric issues have been presented. My model is very simple, so simple that everyone can understand their individual place in the Universe. I hope you can incorporate this knowledge in your life.

The time is now ripe for you to re-access the long ago hidden knowledge from the eras of Atlantis and Lemuria. Through this book, visit the twelve raised pyramids and get access to the keys that open up the knowledge."

Thoth .

Long hidden ancient keys revealed - A true gift to Humanity!

Congratulations to all readers of this book! I highly recommend it to all who are interrested in learning how to prepare themselves for the coming Transformation and to rediscover the ancient long hidden knowledge from Atlantis and Lemuria that we all carry within ourselves. The keys given to you while visiting the 12 different etheric pyramids described in this book are true gifts to Humanity not to be missed. Thank you so much Thoth and Paula for bringing forth the information and truths in this book in a time when Humanity needs it the most.
Excerpt from the book:

Part 1 from Thoth’s book to humanity.

About Thoth

Thoth was considered one of the most important Gods in the Egyptian mythology. He was often pictured as a man with the head of an Ibis bird or a baboon. In his hand he is holding a rod that symbolizes power and influence. In his other hand he is holding the Ankh, the key of life.

He has been known by many names and had many titles here on earth. According to the Egyptian mythology he was multitasked as a messenger, as a scribe and author in the field of science, religion, philosophy, astronomy, mathematics and so on.

He was the God of wisdom, knowledge and the moon. He was the master of the holy words and guardian of the Divine Order, rituals and secret knowledge.

He is associated with time and the teachings involving numbers. He is considered being the one who invented the art of writing and is the creator of the 365-day calendar.

When he speaks about himself he only shortly mentions the past and prefers to talk about his task beforehand in this time. Thoth says: I came to earth very long ago and have only lived one life as a human. The reason for this is that I planned to work in the way I do today, which is communicating and mediating messages to mankind through this physical body.”

During a very long period of time I have been on earth in another form. I was active in Atlantis and I was engaged in the heydays of Lemuria. I left Atlantis when it was not possible to be there anymore and went to what you call Egypt. We were twelve who left Atlantis to start new civilisations on different places. Together we created a matrix of energy consisting of twelve ethereal pyramids that create a network surrounding the earth. The pyramids consist of 36 unique frequencies (see part 4). The 3rd of January 2012 I sent the body of Paula to perform a very important task on Table Mountain in South Africa. Her mission there was to start the clockwork for the creation matrix, the last cycle of time was started and the vortex of the earth element was turned in the opposite direction. This event started a pulse in Mother Earth that has now slowly arisen through the planet. By the start of this cycle my teaching to mankind has changed from consisting of cleansing and de-cluttering to mediating on how you can find and open the twelve keys to higher knowledge.

About Paula

The first time Thoth went into my energy was in June 2009 during a course in Malmoe where I learned to develop my skills to go into a state of trance. That was the start of a very interesting and exciting journey. During my childhood I saw spirits and I was always very afraid of the dark, especially in certain places. Later in life I have realized that this is because I feel the energy of people, as well as the energy of the Earth. My first meeting with a non-physical being was in Easter 1975, when I was only 4 years old and my family was on a ski trip to Sälen. I dressed into an Easter witch and was allowed to visit two houses nearby the pension where we lived. Before I even had time to knock on the first door I met a man that I was afraid of. When he came closer I wished him Happy Easter even though I was afraid. I remember that the man looked transparent and when we met he was floating right through my body and me. I was very frightened and ran fast back to the pension. I cannot remember if I told anybody about my experience or if I already then understood that this was not something to speak about at all. This fear followed me later in life and I always felt that the meetings with the spirit world were very unpleasant. The positive experiences with the spirit world I have had throughout life were always connected to communication with my spiritual guides. I have had many different guides over the years depending on the situation. The guide that is always with me is called Conoy, an Indian Chief of the Sioux tribe. He is a tall man who has been my father in an earlier incarnation. When I was twelve years old he told me that in the future I was going to work in trance and accept a higher energy to communicate through me. I was frightened to death and chose to neglect this information.

In the year of 1987 I went to New York for a preparation class before High School studies. The visit to New York awoke something in me that I could not suppress. I was 16 years old and had never been abroad and of course New York was totally unknown to me. In those days Sweden had only two television channels and I was not as urbane as the youth of today. When I came to the centre of New York for the very first time I felt familiar with the place. I could even notice changes that had occurred in the entire city. I was of great help to the other teenagers in the group. Thanks to what happened in New York I met my first psychic person in Stockholm when I was 18 years old. The first words she said was: “You have recently been visiting New York and you recognized the places.” She told me that I had lived there in a past life, my name was Sandy and I lived in the Bronx. While she was telling me more details about my life as Sandy I saw inner pictures of my life, my family, our house and important happenings. I died young only 18 years of age in a car accident. The year was 1956. I chose to incarnate in a new life and a new body very fast, because of the experience of a too short a life. One of my difficulties was that I had wanted to do everything, preferably at once. The psychic informed me that I could take it easy in this life. This time I was to experience how it feels to live my life fully to the end. After meeting with the psychic I went to more meetings, sessions and séances of many different kinds. I also started to read books on the subject.

In the year of 1994 I met a woman who was a Reiki healer and this opened many new insights for me. In the year of 2000 I became a Reiki Master and started to work with healing, sessions and massage. The following years I had several classes in clairvoyance, animal communication, Tarot reading and also had training in several other different subjects along the way. My husband was of the opinion then that I threw the money away and every time I came home after a course he asked me where it would take me.

I avoided the subject of trance, because I still thought of it as something unpleasant and I felt that I would never allow a spirit to go inside me and not having control of the situation. With every course I became even more sensitive and it was difficult to turn off the “connection” with the spirit world.

In the year of 2001 I was faced with a “spiritual” burnout and Conoy then told me that the only way for me to come back to live my life to the fullest was through meditation and to learn how to “shut down”. I met a psychic who told me how to shut down and turn on my contact with the spirit world. I also started to meditate. I meditated on a daily basis, in the beginning short moments that became longer and longer. I had my energy back and have since been meditating almost every day, sometimes alone and sometimes in groups. In the year of 2003 my family and I chose to move permanently to our summerhouse in Dalecarlia where we chose to live in a more peaceful surrounding. This led to a more peaceful mind that I needed in order to develop my spirituality and sensitivity on a deeper level. I met many spiritual friends in meditation groups and we created a group for drumming, meditating, healing and communicating with the spirit world on a regular basis. It was with these friends I travelled to Malmoe for my first meeting with Thoth. This was the meeting that led to the creation of this book. It was Thoth who said in December of 2011 that his words were to become a book. It was to become a book that would suit the modern human being and make her or him understand without complicated old-fashioned language.

During the years of 2010-2012 all sessions with Thoth have been recorded and transcribed and thanks to this, the manuscript of this book was created. I have chosen as much as possible to use the words of Thoth word by word directly from him. The texts are arranged and put together in a way so that they fit into the context of the chapters in the book. When Thoth speaks about “the keys” he almost always mentions them by saying: “We shall open the keys”. A lot of people wonder what he means by this. How do you open a key? This saying probably has to do with the encryption to hide and to open information. In this case the key is an encrypted code. The code is opened which is the same thing as the key is being opened.

Introduction - Thoths own words

The content of this book comes from me, Thoth, who has come to earth to inform you people about a very old knowledge that has been forgotten and now again will be brought to light.

The Earth is in the middle of a spiral in the middle of the universe and close to the black hole. Time goes faster and the Earth vibrates more swiftly.

I have come down to Earth to communicate with people for many reasons. One is to be present with human beings in the new time that I also call “the new golden age of light”. Things change every day around you on Earth. I have come to speak to you individually and in groups, to help you release your fears and blockages that prevent you from living in total harmony and balance. I want to help you find your own inner voice again, which you need in order to work with releasing your blockages and traumas from past lives and the present one. Experience from past lives, may it be from Earth or other planets might be needed to be cleansed before the transition into “the new golden age of light”. This is why it is of highest importance for us who come to Earth to help people that we reach as many as possible. We can reach many more than only you who meet us in lectures and courses because you affect your near and dear ones and they also pass it on to others. In this way the message is spread automatically, like ripples on water. You come from a nonmaterial world and you have descended to a material world. Now you will have to learn to live in a material world in a nonmaterial way. Start to sort things out and start to work with the purpose of your lives. None of you were born by coincidence. You have chosen your family, your situation and the people in your surrounding and the relationships you have.

Sometimes you make less fortunate choices and the reason for this is mainly because you live the lives of others, adjust to others and the society you live in. Everything you do, every word, every thought, every action affects your close relations, and then they affect groups and then the groups affect the society and finally the whole universe. Everything that happens in the universe is transformed down and affects society, the group and the single human being. You are all interconnected with each other like in a grid, like ripples on water. Do you now understand that everything is interconnected?

There are many incidents in your lives right now that occur in your unconscious mind. These are actually unconsciously conscious thoughts concerning the changes in frequency that have happened and are about to happen on Earth. We change from the third dimension, or I prefer to call it, the third density level, and move on to the fourth before the end of this year and eventually to completion in the fifth level. This means that all of you have agreed before you were born to join this journey. Maybe some people will choose not to enter the fifth frequency. There is a free choice and it’s all about the level of development that you have reached and the level of development that you want to continue to work in incarnations to come here or in another place in the universe. Many people feel worse now than ever and this is because your bodies have not been calibrated to a higher frequency and are therefore not in tune with the vibration of the Earth. I often speak about the cleansing, how to manage to be as clean as possible to adapt the new frequencies and adjust the body to the rising frequency of the Earth that is happening right now. The human being will have the choice to follow, to raise the frequency or to stay in the third density level. Not even I can foresee the future, what it will be and how it will be. My mission is to help as many as possible on the road.

One of my other missions is to help people not to go astray, but stick to the main road. I help to awaken what you have inside you so that you yourselves will find your way back to the main road, the road you chose for this life. My job is not to tell you which road to walk, because then I break the laws of the universe. You all make conscious choices in life and you don’t need to live with suffering. Who said that it is not the positive experience from particularly this life that you should take with you to the collective memory of your soul. Many people think that you have to suffer to learn and evolve. You create your own myths and fairy tales and you personally choose how to store your experiences. You ask questions like: “Who am I?” “What is my mission in life?” I often tell people: “Look at yourself in the mirror every morning, deep into your eyes. You will have answers. One day you will see what a fantastic soul you are and you will see the strength you carry with you.” Every one of you has chosen your lives. You have a lot to learn.

I am also here on Earth now to inform people of the higher knowledge that was hidden from mankind long ago. It was hidden for many reasons. One was their inability to control their egos. It grew stronger and stronger in the bodies of people in a way that was not the intent from the beginning. There was a belief that the higher knowledge could be incorporated with the frequency level of the Earth, but we now know that this is not possible. For the higher knowledge not to be misused again on Earth consciousness must now rise from the third density level to a higher frequency, and we all have to follow. During a long period of time descended masters have been here on Earth. These are chosen individuals who have carried the higher knowledge from generation to generation. One cycle is now to end and a new one will begin. I have been waiting for a very long time to have the chance to open you up for this. All knowledge that ever existed is on its way to arise to the surface. Not only teachings of the Egyptian time but all knowledge that exists from the beginning of time. All this knowledge is about to come together as one. It is now time to turn the keys and bring forth this knowledge. Each and every one of you carry the truth within you. Each of you were born with this knowledge stored in your body. It only has to be released and you will remember everything. This means that you actually don’t need to meet me or others who mediate higher knowledge. In these texts I give you the tools to find your inner keys to open the doors that lead you to your inner true knowledge.

My most important message to mankind is about loving yourselves. I want you to look at yourself as the fantastic individuals you are. Many of you have very strong imprints that are difficult to let go of and free yourself from. If you are not free from strong imprints it will be difficult for you to address your emotions. Your blocks are often created by your emotions and emotional life. You get the wrong picture of whom you really are and this will follow you life after life. You don’t feel worthy; you give yourself guilt and shame. This created anxiety and disease. You choose if you want to free yourself from these blockages. One reason for choosing to incarnate here on Earth as a human being is because here you will be able to experience different states of emotion. Here it is possible to express emotions and feel them as much as possible both if they are high or low in nature. But the issue of feelings is not simple, if I may say so. Emotions affect you and your state of mind so that you live through your mind with the ego as boss. Your ego cannot control your lives any more, it must be mastered. It is time for the soul to become the boss and take control. The bottom line is that it is time for you to live in your hearts and stay there. Then the mind gets a smaller place. This is a difficult task for many people who lived many incarnations the same way. You cannot free yourself if you don’t have the courage to confront your obstacles. This time is the time for opening of your hearts. In order to live in a nonmaterial consciousness, it is necessary to open the heart. Your subconscious and your higher knowledge will be reached if your heart is opened. How do you open your hearts? Start by affirming positive thoughts every morning to yourself.